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This advice is to follow-up and reinforce that given directly to corps members during the current spell of extraordinary hot weather.

Our prime concern is for the health and safety of our corps members and staff whilst rehearsing and performing as a corps. The second priority is to help ensure that corps members remain fit enough to rehearse and perform effectively as a corps under these conditions.

Probably the best way to present the advice is to list "DO's" and "DON'Ts" :


Dress sensibly (leave fashion at home) - always cover upper arms and shoulders.

Wear a hat at all times (room for imagination and creativity here) the effect of prolonged hot sun on the top of your head can cause (at the very least) discomfort and faintness - at worst sunstroke and serious illness.

Not really a sun thing but wear sensible, supportive shoes that will support your ankles and protect your feet from any debris that may be left on rehearsal fields. Trainers are ideal. Sandals, etc that expose the tops of your feet are just asking for trouble - sun-burned feet can totally incapacitate you.

Sunglasses are acceptable during this kind of weather, but make sure they are not too dark to hamper your sight during the complex manouevres that you are expected to perform. Caps with peaks work better.

Apply a suitable sun-barrier cream or lotion to suit your own skin type and sensitivity (the corps will provide some as back-up, but please try to provide your own). Danger areas - back of knees, back of neck, forehead and arms.

Drink plenty of fluids (water is best - "pop" is incredibly bad as the heat expands the gases in your stomach even more and makes you feel uncomfortable and nauseous. The corps will always provide water but it is better if you can bring your own - there are lots of suitable "thermos" type containers available which will keep it cool during rehearsals.

In breaks, try to find whatever shade you can and rest. Playing football in the sun may be fun but not really healthy or conducive to good rehearsal fitness.

Eat sensibly before you arrive and during rehearsals - heavy dinners don't help (you tend to feel very sleepy) nor do over-spicy foods. Chocolate may give energy but can make you feel a little queasy in hot weather. Hign fibre bars, fruit, etc is ideal rehearsal food. You may fell less hungry in hot weather but please remember that during rehearsals you will burn up vast amounts of energy at any time - much more in hot weather. You must have sufficient fuel on board to get you through safely and effectively.

Get plenty oif sleep the night before rehearsals and performances.

Another "night before" reminder - stay off the drink and extreme foods that may render you incapacitated the following morning.

When in uniform, please comply with all the usual rules of wearing the CONCORD uniform. Staff will take every opportunity to keep you out of the sun for as long as possible before performances.

Wear your corps t-shirt under your uniform jacket / top. It will absorb perspiration and prevent your uniform becoming uncomfortable and smelly !


Try to get a tan too quickly - short sessions (10-15 minutes) in the sun followed by an hour's break is a rough guideline. Apply suncream every time you go out in the sun. You may believe a deep tan looks healthy, but lots of recent scientific advice confirms that it can store up many problems for later in life. Don't get carried away outside rehearsal times and let yourselves get burned so that it affects your corps overall effort.

Pour or splash water onto sun-burned skin - each droplet acts as a lens and focuses the sun's rays to cause even more burning.

Don't be heroic - if you DO feel genuinely unwell, please tell the staff and take time out to rest in the shade. If you feel you cannot continue, again tell staff who will contact your parents to collect you.

Don't use corps rehearsals as sun-bathing sessions - this is not the way to get a tan. Remember prolonged exposure to hot sun WILL cause skin cancer and other problems - often not until years later.

If we can all abide by the above suggestions, then we can face the effects of global warming with confidence and continue to use our time safely to improve and develop our levels of performance skills to best effect.


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